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 Awesome Back Exercises most people can do at Home.
Extension - Stretching
Extension - Strengthening
Flexion - Stretching
Flexion - Strengthening
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** The back exercises demonstrated on this website are not appropriate for everyone and my not be appropriate for you.  Consult with your medical doctor or chiropractor before performing any new back stretch or back exercise.
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#1 Check with your doctor before performing any of the following exercises as no exercise is appropriate for everyone.

A.  Test and see if you are comfortable in trunk EXTENSION before doing the extension exercises.  #1 Lay up on you elbows while you are on your belly (like a little kid watching television, it may take 10-30 seconds before it becomes comfortable).  #2 Gently bend backward while standing (not too far).  If both are generelly comfortable, then EXTENSION exercises may likely be a good place to start. 

B.  Test and see if you are comfortable in trunk FLEXION before doing the flexion exercises.  #1  Lay on your back and pull your knees to your chest.  #2  Get on your hands and knees and then try to sit back on your heels with your chest down as close to the floor as possible, your arms straight out over your head and your hands on the floor.  # 3  Are you comfortable when you stand up after sitting for 1/2 hour.  If all are comfortable, then flexion exercises may also be a good choice for you.

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